Blue Light Blocker Glasses

At Green Valley Optometry here in beautiful Watsonville California, we are often asked what the deal is with these blue blocker glasses. So, allow us to explain why this type of Anti-reflective coating might be something for you to consider.

If you spend a lot of time on screens, then your eyes will be predisposed to eye strain associated with two variables.

The first is that when you are focusing on a computer, tablet, phone, or even a tv screen for extended periods of time, you will blink about half as often. This decrease in the blink frequency will dry out the eyes and cause some eye strain, blur, or tenstion headaches. There are different solutions to this problem depending on the severity, but for starters you'd want to either decrease screen time or use artificial tear moisture drops when you have symptoms.

The second variable that will lead to eye strain related to screen use is that the light emmitted from digital screens tends to be shifted into the blue color spectrum which is higher in energy and can cause eye strain. The blue shifted LED light sources on your screens can be mitigated by using an anti-reflective coating on your glasses that blocks a significant percentage of the blue light before it hits your eyes. The resulting effect is that the screen will look a little more yellow and less blue when wearing blue blocker AR glasses. The yellow light is more natural (like the sun) and helps to increase endurance and comfort with screen use and mitigate eye strain.

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