What is the primary cause of blindness in America under the age of 60?

The answer may surprise you, it is diabetes. With diabetes that isn’t properly controlled, the amount of sugar in the blood increases. Over time, this leads to vascular changes, which results in the leaking of blood from the blood vessels and also changes in the amount of oxygen that is capable of getting to the nerve tissue. All of these changes can lead to permanent vision loss and blindness, this is one of the many reasons why yearly eye exams are essential. If you have diabetes and have not had an eye exam recently, please call and make an appointment as soon as possible. The best way to prevent blindness is to detect and treat any problems that may exist early.

The eyes are the only place in the human body where you can see these active blood vessels and the surrounding retinal nerve tissue without cutting someone open and performing surgery. Yearly eye exams by a trained eye doctor are the best way to evaluate the health of the visual system and rule out complications. At Brownsville Eye Center, we have highly trained eye doctors with specific training in evaluating and treating all manner of eye diseases. As part of every yearly exam, regardless of any specific health concerns, we thoroughly evaluate the health and integrity of the eyes and the complete visual system front to back.


Dr. Trevor Hammons O.D.

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